Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Soul Destruction

a million pieces
like shards of glass
splintered and sharp
the slightest touch
drawing the deepest red
exposing liquid life

a thousand pieces
like a ripe fruit
tossed from a
fifty story window
juices scattering across
broken remains and
shattered seeds
forever wasted
against the black top
of my life

a hundred peices
like the torn paper
from a child's scissors
snipping and cutting
trimming and hedging
always going too fars
laughtering the beauty of the creation
for the thrill of the cut
the joy of power and domain
of control over something's destiny

freeze dried so that the crash
would be more devastating
more damaging
undeniably permanent
that is what it is
the destruction of my soul


Monday, January 24, 2011

You Don't Know

you don't know me
after all this time, after all these words
after dreams shared
fears revealed
weakness displayed

you don't know me

was I the only one listening?
the only one studying
the only believer
the only understander

were you simply talking
placating and time filling
plugging up your own void
by swallowing down my time
soothing your own itch
by devouring my need

how is it that months, weeks, days
hours, minutes, seconds later
you actually don't know me

you don't know me
and I, like a fool, studied all of you

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

and then

and then...
he smiled
and my heart responded
before my brain could deny
as my lips
slowly turned up
dimples slowly pressed in
my heart reclaimed its hum
my essence discovered
a more melodic flow

and then...
his arms
encapsulated me
his hip
pressed against mine
his palms
kneaded out a new rhythm
his lips
whispered a sincere promise
and my soul
found home